Why We No Longer Sell Websites

Expert Agency has been building websites for the expert community for three years. We have been getting it wrong this whole time.

During my own years as a coach and trainer in this community, I observed a huge gap in the market: the need for a specialised ‘done for you’ online marketing service that was not only world class in design and technology, but that understood the unique needs of this group of people.

Speakers, trainers, mentors, coaches and authors.

These experts were being held back from growing their businesses and practices, either because they were becoming irrevocably bogged down in trying to learn how to build their own websites and marketing funnels, instead of spending their precious time thinking, selling and delivering, or because they were being burned time after time by sub-standard service providers. Read more

Secure Your WordPress Site Against BruteForce Attack


WordPress sites worldwide are currently experiencing a ‘bruteforce attack’ from malicious hackers who clearly don’t have anything more useful to do with their time or skills.

WordPress is a brilliant platform, however one of the very features that makes it so brilliant – its opensource nature – can also mean it is vulnerable to attack.

Follow these basic steps to protect your site:
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How To Hire The Right Web Designer

We’ve all been there.

We hand over our hard-earned cash (a fair chunk of it, mistakenly believing the expensive option will turn out best…) to a web designer and the pain begins.

As soon as the money leaves your account, they disappear off the face of the earth.

You eventually hear from them again when they ask for more money for some unintelligible techno-tweak – you agree because you’re scared you’ll never see your money again OR get your website…
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