Why We No Longer Sell Websites

Expert Agency has been building websites for the expert community for three years. We have been getting it wrong this whole time.

During my own years as a coach and trainer in this community, I observed a huge gap in the market: the need for a specialised ‘done for you’ online marketing service that was not only world class in design and technology, but that understood the unique needs of this group of people.

Speakers, trainers, mentors, coaches and authors.

These experts were being held back from growing their businesses and practices, either because they were becoming irrevocably bogged down in trying to learn how to build their own websites and marketing funnels, instead of spending their precious time thinking, selling and delivering, or because they were being burned time after time by sub-standard service providers.

Expert Agency was the answer to their prayers.

Having now completed over 200 web projects in this space, I realise I was WRONG the entire time.

And I am no longer selling websites.

Instead – Expert Agency is selling SOLUTIONS.

The Problem To Be Solved

Finding a reliable service provider or ‘digital partner’ who understands the unique needs of your business, has world class design and development skills and who can build an an online platform for your business or practice.

The Misconception

That all our clients need are beautiful websites with built-in functionality that allows them to publish and share content, generate leads and convert those leads into sales.

The Reality

While the above may be true, there is a critical piece missing from the picture that means even with a beautiful, effective website the basic problem is not solved.

Looking back over all the 200 + projects we’ve delivered – how many websites are still in use? How many were never used? How many are green and growing, evolving entities that continue to serve the client by bringing in social shares, leads, sales?

Not. Nearly. Enough.

Because too many of those businesses no longer exist.

The Solution

I have observed three fatal roadblocks that impact the significant majority of website/marketing funnel projects, and which cannot be solved by design or technology:

1| Strategic Direction

A website reflects and amplifies gaps in business strategy. It does not compensate for them.

It is not a solution for critically missing strategic pieces such as vision, goals, UVP or marketing plan.

If time and energy has not already been put into crafting a strategic direction for your business, the process of planning, designing and building a website will bring this into sharp relief.

And what happens after your unstrategic website goes live? Usually – nothing.

Don’t START with the website – start with the STRATEGY.

2| Brand Definition

Anything from $5 on Fiverr to $50,000 with a design firm may be spent on the development of a logo.

Logos are important, but are in truth mostly for our own vanity and sense of identity. Our customers care little if at all about our logo.

And once again there is a problem here that is not solved by design.

A brand strategy must go significantly deeper than this.

  • What are your core values?
  • Who is your target market?
  • What problems do you solve for them?
  • What is unique about your service?

The design of your website will be pure guesswork without fully understanding the culture behind your brand.

3| Offer Development

Very few people can concisely explain to their prospects what they do, why it matters, and why the prospect should choose them. Most are themselves confused as to what it is they actually offer in the way of products or services.

You have mere seconds to persuade your website visitor to take the next step with you, and in the majority of cases, that next step isn’t going to be buying your premium product or service: it’s going to be handing over their precious contact details in return for something useful and relevant.

A deep and profound understanding of your prospects greatest desires and/or fears is essential – without this, how can you ever help them let alone persuade them to give you their contact information?

Without effective offers, your website is an impotent online brochure.

And underpinning all these roadblocks, a lack of support, understanding and guidance throughout the process.

Digital Partnership

So to this end – Expert Agency is no longer selling websites. We are selling SOLUTIONS.

Strategic Direction
Brand Definition
Offer Development
Support, Understanding, Guidance – Long Term

One of the end results of your work with us will be a beautiful website that has built-in functionality allowing you to publish and share content, generate leads and convert those leads into sales.

But far more valuable for you will be the clarity, strength, confidence and freedom you develop along the way when partnering with Expert Agency.

Our new Digital Partnership Program isn’t about building just websites and funnels – it’s about building a long term relationship with you, and ensuring long term success for your business.

For more information please email me at v@expertagency.com.au, and I will reply to you personally.

Victoria Judge

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” – George Bernard Shaw

Escaping The TIme For Money Trap

Many Experts limit their ability to grow profits and leverage their time by only selling themselves.

The time-for-money business model is a dead end. The only way to increase turnover is to increase the hours you work, and/or increase the price you charge for those hours – which introduces a new challenge: it becomes harder to sell your time as the cost of that time increases.

The solution is to build a leveraged ‘ascension’ model for your business, whereby you and your time stop being the first and only product, and instead become the premium offering in a suite of products and services.

This suite of products and services also forms the backbone of your marketing funnel: through which people enter your business and remain as ongoing customers.

It can also liberate you from needing to spend so much time on free consultations, as you can build trust through the evidence and education of your products – meaning that leads for your high-end products and services come to you pre-qualified.

Here are some basic steps to build your ascension model:
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