Why We No Longer Sell Websites

Expert Agency has been building websites for the expert community for three years. We have been getting it wrong this whole time.

During my own years as a coach and trainer in this community, I observed a huge gap in the market: the need for a specialised ‘done for you’ online marketing service that was not only world class in design and technology, but that understood the unique needs of this group of people.

Speakers, trainers, mentors, coaches and authors.

These experts were being held back from growing their businesses and practices, either because they were becoming irrevocably bogged down in trying to learn how to build their own websites and marketing funnels, instead of spending their precious time thinking, selling and delivering, or because they were being burned time after time by sub-standard service providers. Read more

Write Smart

6 Steps to create content that can be published across multiple mediums and that you write once but use forever.

1. Know your outcome. This particular ebook is going to be sold on Kindle and iTunes. It’s a marketing and positioning tool.

2. Choose 12 Chapters, an Introduction, Action Plan and Conclusion.

3. Each chapter is also written to form a ‘Viral PDF’ in its own right (a lead magnet used on a landing page which people are encouraged to share).

4. The 12 Chapters also match the curriculum of an online membership I’m taking live in April.

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Resolve or Dissolve

There’s a lot of noise on the interwebs right now about new year’s resolutions.

In the pro-corner, we have the positive personal and professional development crowd, the fitness and the weight loss crew and the determinedly optimistic.

In the con-corner, we have individuals from the exact same groups: however this faction pour scorn on the notion of the new year’s resolution, on the basis of the fact that if we were determined to take action or make change, we should do it now (instead of making plans to do so once a year.)

Here’s my 10c worth.
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Smooth Business

I reckon most of the things that get in the way of running your own business being easy, lucrative and fun can be categorised under one word:


Uncertainty around your ability to make it work.

Uncertainty around where your next lead is coming from.

Uncertainty around how to sell.

Uncertainty around what to do next and how to grow.

Today I want to address one simple yet significant – and nearly always overlooked – activity you can do right now to eliminate most if not all of your business uncertainties.
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How To Hire The Right Web Designer

We’ve all been there.

We hand over our hard-earned cash (a fair chunk of it, mistakenly believing the expensive option will turn out best…) to a web designer and the pain begins.

As soon as the money leaves your account, they disappear off the face of the earth.

You eventually hear from them again when they ask for more money for some unintelligible techno-tweak – you agree because you’re scared you’ll never see your money again OR get your website…
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The Implementation Vacuum

Of the many ways in which we hold ourselves back from achieving our true potential, failure to actually apply what we already know is probably the most common.

If you were to place a percentage on the total amount of REAL action you’ve taken on information you’ve learned in seminars or workshops, on courses, or through reading books – what would that percentage be?

The truth is, most of us only ever action a small percentage of what we learn.

I’ve got a $3000 DVD box set on my bookshelf that’s never even made it out of its plastic wrapper. I bought it 2 years ago.

Failure to implement has two serious consequences for Experts: 
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To Do Or Not To Do?

Successful Experts have a masterful Expert Platform generating them a steady flow of high quality leads, powerfully positioning them as the go-to Expert in their niche, selling their Expertise for a premium price, and building their Expert Tribe.

This Platform includes:
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Van Halen And The Forgotten Art Of Customer Service

Back in the 1980s, Van Halen made the ‘contract rider’ – a list of requirements, or ‘wish list’ given by bands to event and venue organisers – famous by demanding that all brown M&Ms be removed from bowls placed in their dressing room.

This unique use of the ‘contract rider’ came about not because Van Halen were a bunch of self-important divas, but because their road crew had been put into serious danger on previous tours by event organisers not paying due attention to technical and safety requirements clearly stated in the standard contract rider. This was their way of checking to see if the organisers at each venue were paying close enough attention to the terms of their contract.

I got to thinking about how the lessons from this story play out for Experts building their Practices.
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