Standing out from the crowd is even more important to an Expert than to other small businesses and solopreneurs, because Experts are horrified by the idea of being generic. Average. Beige.

For an Expert, being different is about more than just a fight for clients in a saturated marketplace. It’s about making a mark, creating conversation, leaving a legacy.

But in this age of mass, multimedia communication, when anyone, anywhere in the world can share their thoughts and most do – how on earth do you stand out and be different?

This is a question that keeps many Experts awake at night – but in truth, the answer is simple.

You are already different – unique – simply because there is only one you.

Worry less about standing out, and instead shift your focus within: know your strengths intricately, and your weaknesses too because these are every bit as valuable as your strengths – they contribute to your unique Expert DNA.

Your Expert DNA – your knowlege, experience, skills and personality – are unassailably different and of incalculable value.

No one is ordinary – especially not you!

So grab a pen, a mouse or a microphone and put your message out there because the world is waiting.