Essentials Web Support

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We closely monitor your website to ensure everything is working smoothly, all the time. This includes uptime monitoring (we’re alerted if something bad happens to the site), fixing errors and maximising the speed of your site by doing regular housekeeping on old files, revisions, spam comments and implementing the latest, cutting edge tools and techniques for website performance.


Wordpress websites aren’t ‘set and forget’. They need regular updates to all software including themes and plugins. Not keeping on top of updates can dangerously impact your website – creating errors, broken pages and worst of all leaving the door open to hackers and malicious code! We maintain regular backups and update everything safely for you.


We lock down your website to fend off all those evil but technically talented nerds around the world trying to break it. We run regular scans which alert us to any attempt to inject malware, spam you with comments or hack the site. We’ll take swift action to remove any nasties on your site and ensure you always have the latest, most effective protection.


Simply send us anything you want added or changed on your site and we’ll take care of it. Words, images, videos you name it. Save yourself a tonne of time uploading and configuring your content to look good. Our Essentials Package includes up to 1 hour per site of updates and a discounted rate of $55 per hour for additional requirements.