There’s a lot of noise on the interwebs right now about new year’s resolutions.

In the pro-corner, we have the positive personal and professional development crowd, the fitness and the weight loss crew and the determinedly optimistic.

In the con-corner, we have individuals from the exact same groups: however this faction pour scorn on the notion of the new year’s resolution, on the basis of the fact that if we were determined to take action or make change, we should do it now (instead of making plans to do so once a year.)

Here’s my 10c worth.

HELL yeah make resolutions! Get wound up, passionate, inspired, motivated and excited about them! Write them in 10 different places! Declare them proudly all over social media and don’t give a rat’s ass what anyone has to say about them!


A resolution without an action plan is just a nice idea.

Once the initial satisfied glow of having set some corking resolutions has passed, roll your sleeves up and create an action plan (not goals, specific actions with timelines) and then work your butt off until you either achieve the resolution, or realise that it wasn’t the right target to aim for and adjust your course accordingly.

Here’s to an extraordinary 2014.