6 Steps to create content that can be published across multiple mediums and that you write once but use forever.

1. Know your outcome. This particular ebook is going to be sold on Kindle and iTunes. It’s a marketing and positioning tool.

2. Choose 12 Chapters, an Introduction, Action Plan and Conclusion.

3. Each chapter is also written to form a ‘Viral PDF’ in its own right (a lead magnet used on a landing page which people are encouraged to share).

4. The 12 Chapters also match the curriculum of an online membership I’m taking live in April.

5. I’ll also record and podcast them (you can do this the other way round to save time: record them as podcasts and get them transcribed).

6. I’ve done keyword research before choosing the names of the ebook and each of the viral pdfs, as well as competitor research on what’s already out there in my niche.

It’s all about the strategy – and about creating content once that you can use forever.

Write smart, sell more!